Our team is people who are united not only by professional necessity. These are partners who have similar beliefs.

Our team is our pride!

The team of the Institute of Cell Therapy has been formed for many years. Today we are a cohesive team of like-minded people and professionals. Our team includes more than 200 employees, among them are physicians of the higher and first professional category, scientists, biologists, laboratory assistants, nurses, technical staff.

We are developing and are always pleased to see in our team new talented, ambitious, purposeful specialists, focused on long-term cooperation and development within the company.

Our specialists

Nikolay Sokolov
Ph. D., Medicine, Chief Medical Officer of the Institute of Cell Therapy
Galina Lobyntseva
Director of the Cryobank in Ukraine of the Institute of Cell Therapy
Yuri Gladkikh
President of the Association of Cryobanks. The first chief doctor and a scientific consultant of the Institute of Cell Therapy.
Mariya Gazda
Primary Care Physician
Volodymyr Shablii
Deputy Director of Cryobank
Zhanna Spivak
Primary Care Physician
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