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Yuri Gladkikh
President of the Association of Cryobanks. The first chief doctor and a scientific consultant of the Institute of Cell Therapy.

Rewarded with numerous state and institutional awards. He holds the title “Recipient of Award for Excellence in Health Care” and several higher medical awards. Worked in the countries of Europe and Asia. The field of his​​ research and interests covers the range of management and organization issues of public health, cryobiology and cryomedicine, internal diseases, virology, quantum, cell and tissue therapy, modern diagnostic and laboratory methods, epidemiology and infectious diseases.

He has a great professional experience in managing, organizing and equipping medical institutions, organizing the manufacturing of medicinal products.

Yury Gladkikh is an author of scientific papers and patents. He developed and introduced modern methods of computer-based express diagnostic tests.

He substantiated the conditions and necessity of creating cell and tissue cryobanks.

Organizer of the First Ukrainian Bank of Cord Blood Stem Cells and the Institute of Cell Therapy.

Specialisation: ●         Healthcare Management
●         Internal Medicine
●         Anti-age therapy
●         Diagnosis
●         Cell Therapy
●         Epidemiology
Qualification: ●         Habilitated Doctor of Medical Sciences
Education: ●         Kiev Medical Institute
Education: ●         Ukrainian
●         Russian
●         Russian
Additional information: ●         Work experience – more than 40 years
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