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Mariya Gazda
Primary Care Physician

Mariya Gazda – Primary Care Physician, Board Certified in Nutrition, Anti-age Medicine, Prevention. The main area of expertise is the diagnostics and prevention of premature aging of the body, treatment of diabetes mellitus, metabolic syndrome and obesity. She regularly takes part in the Ukrainian and international congresses on preventive and anti-aging medicine, has completed many training programs of the universities of Copenhagen and Stanford. She has been working at the Institute of Cell Therapy since 2011.

Specialty: ●         Internal Medicine
●         Anti-aging therapy
●         nutrition
●         diagnostics
Qualification: ●         doctor
Education: ●         Bogomolets National Medical University
●         Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education
●         Nutrition School of the University of Copenhagen
●         Nutrition School of the University of Stanford
Languages: ●         Ukrainian
●         Russian
●         English
Additional information: ●         More than 9 years of service in internal medicine



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