We are convinced that people are the basis of the success of any business. That's why we are paying a lot of attention and investing significant resources in attracting, motivating, professional development and career growth of our employees.

Our work can be effective only if each one of us clearly understands their role in the general business, if everyone's enthusiasm is backed up by the appropriate level of compensation and motivation on the part of the Company.

Work in a large company

The Institute of Cell Therapy is an innovative medical company specializing in research and medical activities, the international status of which is recognized by the only state registration in Europe, as well as certification and membership in international societies. The company consists of 4 high-tech areas: Cryobank, Cell Therapy Clinic, Tila Clinic and Center of Science. We are the leaders in providing innovative biotechnology services with a guarantee of quality and safety.
Growth and development

The Institute of Cell Therapy directs all the necessary resources to ensure the implementation of quality policy as the basis for the unity of goals and activities. We create conditions that maximize the use of knowledge and creativity of each employee in the processes of implementing the strategy and tactics of the organization. We provide you with an opportunity for personal development and interesting career prospects.
Quality management system

The Quality Management System (QMS), created in the Institute of Cell Therapy, is a solid basis for increasing the effectiveness of business processes and allows effective interaction between the units of the Institute of Cell Therapy.


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