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Zhanna Spivak
Primary Care Physician

Zhanna Spivak – Primary Care Physician of the first category, the Head of the Internal Medicine Department of the Cell Therapy Clinic. She specializes in the treatment of patients with cardiac pathology, endocrinological and neurological diseases. She actively participates in the societies of therapists, neurologists, cardiologists, as well as in conferences and symposia devoted to the diagnostics of the cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive systems.

Specialty:●         Internal Medicine
●         Diagnostics

●         Neurology


Qualification:●         Physician of the 1st qualification category
Education:●         Bogomolets National Medical University
●         Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education
Languages:●         Ukrainian
●         Russian
Additional information:●         Head of the Internal Medicine Department  of the Cell Therapy Clinic
●         Worked at the Department of Internal Medicine and Geriatrics of Shupyk National Medical Academy
●         18 years of service in medicine


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