Provision of innovative
biotechnological services
with quality and safety warranty
The Institute of Cell Therapy is an innovative medical company, specializing in research and medical activities. The company includes: cell therapy and anti-age medicine clinics, research units and a stem cell bank.
The management of the Institute of Cell Therapy pays great attention to the development and implementation of the latest scientific achievements in the field of cell technologies, long-term low-temperature storage of cells and tissues and treatment methods using biologically active drugs. Unique original methods of treatment before being introduced into clinical practice are exposed to thorough clinical studies and official registration.
Our techniques, protected by numerous patents and copyright certificates, have gained international recognition and have demonstrated high efficiency in clinical practice.
The Quality Management System (QMS), created at the Institute of Cell Therapy, is a reliable basis for the improvement of the effectiveness of business processes and allows effective interaction between departments of the medical center. The company's management ensures that all personnel, involved in the quality management system, are familiar with all the documents of the QMS and follow the established policies and procedures in their activities.
The Institute of Cell Therapy creates conditions that ensure maximum utilization of the knowledge and creative potential of each employee in the processes of implementation of the strategy and tactics of the organization, provides the provision of qualified medical services and services for long-term low-temperature storage of cells and tissues to each client.
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