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Institute of Cell Therapy

The cell therapy clinic is equipped with modern equipment, provides outpatient and inpatient treatment of patients in comfortable conditions, as well as diagnostic examination and rehabilitation measures for patients with complex diseases of any etiology.
Therapeutic and wellness Clinic programs offer not only effective treatment of severe chronic diseases, but also prevention of aging and rejuvenation.

The first licensed Cryobank of stem cells in Ukraine was opened on the basis of the Institute of Cell Therapy in Kiev. The only stem cell storage facility in Ukraine with equipment and technology for the full cycle processing of biological material - from stem cell isolation to cell cultivation.
The Cryobank of the Institute of Cell Therapy is a complex of sterile premises with a total area of more than 700 sq.m, which meets both Ukrainian and international standards. The entire material processing cycle takes place on its own basis, including sample analysis in the PCR diagnostic laboratory.

Restore your strength and fill your life with energy. Get rid of undue to take important. Extend your youth and breath with happiness. Specially developed programs at Tila Clinic with a wide range of procedures will provide rest, complete relaxation and fill the body with new forces and health during the course of therapy and rehabilitation.
The patients of the Tila Clinic are also offered a comfortable spa area, sauna, hammam, beauty salon, restaurant and fitness room.

The Institute of Cell Therapy is a high-tech Research Center, consisting of the Research Department - the R&D Center and the Placenta Stem Cell Laboratory
Providing high-quality world-class services on the low-temperature banking of stem cells of various origins, manufacturing of cell and tissue drugs and their clinical application requires constant updating of technologies, application of innovations and carrying out of both applied and fundamental researches.
The Institute of Cell Therapy became the first to receive the right to carry out clinical trials in the field of stem cell application in Ukraine.

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