The Ukraine’s first scientific and practical journal "Cell and Organ Transplantology"

The mission of the journal is the formation of positive clinical thinking in such areas of scientific knowledge as gene therapy and transplantation.
The purpose of the edition The publication comes out with the goal of comprehensive coverage of scientific problems in such areas as organ, tissue, cell transplantology and engineering.
The publications of the journal include:
- scientific manuscripts in the field of cell and gene therapy and transplantation;
- review articles on world experience in the field of cell and organ transplantology;
- normative-legal estimation of the industry activity.
The main thematic sections of the journal are:
- The most important world news in the field of transplantation and engineering of organs, tissues and cells.
- New concepts in transplantation.
- Organ transplantation.
- Cell and tissue transplantation.
- Regenerative medicine, organ, cell and tissue engineering.
- Features of legal regulation of the direction.
Frequency of issue:
2 times a year
Archive of magazine issues:
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