The Institute of Cell Therapy welcomes you to our new Georgian branch.


Hello Kamargoba

The Institute of Cell Therapy welcomes you to our new Georgian branch.

Today we are proud of the expansion of the Institute of Cell Therapy in the capital of Georgia Tbilisi, the third branch of the Institute has been opened, where the most advanced biotechnology in the field of stem cell therapy is used.

Specialists of the Ukrainian Institute of Cell Therapy have been working in the field of stem cell clinical application for more than 40 years.

The biotechnology used in stem cell therapy has received many patents and international recognition.

The production and treatment of stem cells that are used in all of our branches is reserved in the Biotechnology Laboratory of our CRYOBANK, in the capital, Kyiv.

Thanks to our specialist doctors, more than 3,000 patients have already gained a qualitatively new standard of living.

When you apply for treatment at our new center in Georgia, you will receive:

1. World-class medical care

2. Comprehensive medical protocols to solve health problems individualy

3. Full access to the diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation services available in our clinic.

4. High quality Service

5. Get to know the spaciousness of the Georgian people

Take advantage of the possibilities offered by the use of stem cells in the treatment of diseases!

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