On May 24 THE INSTITUTE OF CELL THERAPY participated at a scientific and practical conference, «FILATOV MEMORIAL LECTURES – 2019», where, in collaboration with «THE FILATOV INSTITUTE OF EYE DISEASES AND TISSUE THERAPY OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF MEDICAL SCIENCES OF UKRAINE» was presented a masterclass «Transplantation of an amniotic membrane in the treatment of corneal diseases».
The masterclass was presented by the lecturers: H. I. Drozhzhyna, Doctor of Medicne, professor and T. B. Haidamaka, Doctor of Medicine, senior research fellow.

The keratitis treatment methods with the use of the placenta amniotic membrane is one of the most important achievements reached by the scientist of the Institute of Cell Therapy within the area of cryoconservation of placenta.

Several years of research have shown good adhesion of the transplanted amniotic membrane of the human placenta, its high elasticity and strength. No complications or allergic reactions to the graft were observed.

In 100% of patients with neurotrophic, herpetic and bacterial keratitis have been seen a high effectiveness of the transplanted medicine of the placenta amniotic membrane cryoconserved at the Cryobank of the Institute of Cell Therapy. There was also a significant increase in visual acuity in patients after transplantation of the placenta amniotic membrane.

The aim of the Institute of Cell Therapy is to promote this innovative and highly effective treatment and its accessibility to a wide range of patients. The masterclasses within the specialized scientific and practical institutions help achieve these goals and provide practitioners with new opportunities and therapies.

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