The Ukrainian Cryobank gained an exceptional European grant

The Ukrainian Research Center Cryobank gained a grant from the European Science and Technology Corporation (COST) according to the publication on the Cryobank website.
This grant won’t be related to the direct scientific research. It is aimed at the holding of seminars and experience exchange between the academic community of Ukraine and Europe. Eventually, the academics tend to elaborate a general “map”. It will serve as a basis of the future investigations.

After that, the academics will develop methodological materials. The manuals will contain the uniform rules of the administration and use of medicines based on self-restoring placenta stem cells.

“We see it as a process of creating the rules, which will serve as a basis for other laboratories and global academic community”, – commented on the news Deputy Director of the Cryobank, Vladimir Shabliy. Besides he pointed out that nobody in Ukraine has won such grants; Cryobank participated in it twice.

The Ukrainian grant is valid for 4 years.
The European Science and Technology Corporation consists of the leading scientists from Europe, Asia and the Middle East. More than 40 years, COST funds the future scientific researches worldwide.

In the terms of the organization, Ukraine is represented by the Institute of Cell Therapy that operates the Cryobank.
The cooperation of the Ukrainian Cryocenter with COST was made possible by an international project “COST action CA17116”.
It should be reminded that the Cryobank was founded in 2003. At the organization were carried out more than 300 successful transplantations of placenta stem cells. It is the only cryocenter in Ukraine ISO certified internationally.

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