The Institute of Cell Therapy took part in the 4th IAPMT & MedTourClub

Мария Газда на Саммите

On December 5, 2020, the main event of the year in the field of medical tourism took place – the 4th Summit of the International Association of Physicians in Medical Tourism and MedTourClub (4th Summit IAPMT & MedTourClub), in which the Institute of Cell Therapy took an active part.


Dr. Maria Gazda, physician, anti-age physician, certified in cellular and regenerative medicine. Maria Gazda emphasized the safety of cell preparations manufactured by the Cryobank and the absence of any side effects. The doctor also highlighted the problem of chronic covid and impaired health in people who have suffered from coronavirus pneumonia, and reported the possibility of post-covid rehabilitation in the Institute of Cell Therapy.


Due to the epidemic situation, the number of tickets for the Summit was limited, but the stream of this event was held all over the world, and everyone was able to listen to the reports of the participants, establish professional contacts and ask questions online. The event was broadcast in English with subtitles.


The summit was attended by leading participants of the medical tourism market from Lithuania, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Poland, Italy, Spain, India, China, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, the Middle East countries, Africa, Israel, Ukraine and others. Besides the specialist of the Institute of Cell Therapy, reports were delivered by the representatives from Finland, Spain, Turkey, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, India, Austria and Germany.


The presentation of the Medical Tourism Association & Global Healthcare Resources was made by the President of the organization from the USA. For many years, medical tourism has been helping people around the world by opening up high-tech treatments not available in home countries, as well as access to a higher level of service and comfort.


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