20 years together!

We are proud that we have become a model for the successful development of Ukrainian science and medicine. We are grateful to everyone who has been with us for the past 20 years – the Institute of Cell Therapy team and thousands of healthy patients.

Our team is the most important resource. For many years of work, we have managed to assemble a unique medical team with exclusive knowledge in the field of innovative cellular technologies, extensive practical experience and the highest qualifications.

Our team has more than 200 employees, including first-class physicians, scientists, biologists, laboratory technicians, nurses, and technical staff.

Today we celebrate our 20th birthday together, but our success story began 50 years ago, when our scientists began studying stem cells.

And now the Institute of Cell Therapy is an innovative high-tech medical company, which includes research and medical structures.

  • A scientific center with a scientific research department (R & D Center) and a placental stem cell laboratory The PlacentaStemCell Laboratory is the heart of the Cell Therapy Institute, which in turn is involved in the development of new innovative technologies in cellular and tissue, in conjunction with their clinical application.
  • The Central Stem Cell Bank is the first stem cell storage complex in Ukraine that carries out a full cycle of processing of biological material.
  • Three clinics of the Institute of Cell Therapy, located in Kiev and Tbilisi, offer patients unique methods of stem cell therapy D, protected by numerous patents and copyright certificates, have received international recognition and have demonstrated high efficiency in clinical practice. The latest technology allows our experts to make breakthroughs in treating many diseases and managing aging.

The guarantee of the effectiveness of our work is the international quality standards that we adhere to in all our departments and units. And confirmation of the high level of services in the licenses we have obtained over many years of work and membership in international scientific organizations.

So let’s make joint efforts to fulfill the noble mission – to preserve, develop and glorify our Ukraine! 🇺🇦Together we become stronger!

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